Attached a link to an interesting article published in today’s Miami Herald highlighting the proliferation of so-called anti-aging clinics in South Florida whose unscrupulous operators are peddling steroids and growth hormones. I also recommend reading the excellent commentary by Fred Grimm I hope that my fellow colleagues will join me in the effort to curtail the (ab)use of steroids and growth hormone products which can have serious and detrimental health effects.
We should point out those so-called “doctors” who are profiting from promoting the use of steroids for muscle-building and human growth hormone (hGH). We should make it clear to those “doctors” that federal law prohibits the use of such substances except for rare circumstances such as growth retardation. Instead, those “doctors” are promoting the use of  human growth hormone therapy to treat patients suffering from low energy, increased fat or a slowing sex drive. Now is time to act and to speak up.