The Israeli documentary “The Gatekeepers” is now available on DVD and can be streamed on the Amazon Kindle Fire.
Its a  2012 documentary film by director Dror Moreh that tells the story of the Israeli Shin Bet from the perspective of six former heads of Israel’s secretive internal security service. I watched it again last night and recommend it highly. Most of the  former Shin Bet heads honestly and directly answered all questions related to their professional tasks and responsibilities. ALL OF THEM clearly stated that the occupation of Palestinian territories corrupts and corrodes Israeli democracy and society and has to end! NONE of them questioned the necessity to protect the safety and security of Israels citizens, Jews and Arabs alike, BUT emphasized that there is NO military solution. Several questioned the competence of Israels political leadership to address and resolve the political stalemate.
All of the former heads of the Shin Bet are Israeli patriots, who dedicated decades of their life to safeguard the State of Israel and their loyalty cannot be questioned. Therefore, one should ask WHY all of them reach the same conclusion: that the occupation is wrong and must be resolved.
Ami Ayalon, Shin Bet director from 1996-2000 and  former commander of the Israeli Navy, expressed it clearly:
“The tragedy of Israel’s public security debate is that we don’t realize that we face a frustrating situation in which we win every battle but we lose the war.”
I hope that his words will be heard and that Israel’s politicians are going to listen, at least this time.