Attached a link to an interesting article titled ” Gun violence research, policies need physician voice” in which the author highlights  five strategies outlined by Frattaroli and UC Davis physician Garen Wintemute  emphasizing the physician’s role in gun violence prevention.

” The doctor is a clinician, in which he or she can ensure mental health treatment is available to prevent suicide gun deaths and support policies limiting gun purchases to at-risk individuals. The doctor also plays a role in managing fear; as a researcher, helping ensure money is appropriated for violence prevention research; and as a policy advocate, where physicians can be heard together to influence Congress in new policies. Lastly, the physician plays a role as a leader.”

We should use these arguments when responding to those who question that physicians can play any role in gun violence prevention.
Its our social responsibility to contribute our time and efforts to protect our communities from senseless gun violence and to promote gun safety initiatives.