Sadly, the Miami Herald reported in today’s edition another accidental shooting death: a 13-year- old boy accidentally shot his 6-year-old sister while they were left alone in their home. This represents the third accidental shooting of one child by another since November in South Florida.In an editorial Mary Sanchez from the Kansas City Star calls children and guns a lethal combination. That does not prevent the gun industry to market real guns to real children. Milton, Pa.-based Keystone Sporting Arms prides itself for making “quality firearms for America’s youth.” They produce a .22-caliber Cricket specifically made and marketed in several colors for “youth shooters” by ” as “My First Rifle,” In 2008, it sold 60,000 Crickett and “Chipmunk” rifles. Its website features a “Kids’ Corner” with smiling pictures of children with their guns, and testimonials from their grateful, gun-buying parents. Today, the web site was not accessible and I assume that this was due to “bad” publicity.
It appears to me that we love our guns more than we love our children. We apparently protect an unborn child more than we protect our children’s right to live a life free of gun violence. How long do we have to tolerate this insanity!