I am following the Syrian crisis very carefully, watch the news programs on Israeli TV and read European & Arab media publication and reached a different conclusion than the one promoted by leading Jewish organizations.

  • There is no limited “surgical strike.” War has its own dynamic and ramifications. If the US decides to strike we have to be prepared to be engaged in a full scale, open-ended war which will be characterized by asymmetrical warfare: tactics of unconventional warfare, the weaker combatants attempting to use strategy to offset deficiencies in quantity or quality, i.e. terrorism.
  • A military strike will trigger a civil war in Lebanon between Sunni and Shiites, including Alawites. The last one lasted for 15 YEARS!!!
  • A military strike will dramatically increase the refugee stream to Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq at a time when the United Nations is running out of cash to provide services for the almost 2 million Syrian refugees who already fled their war torn country.
  • Israeli interests within or outside Israel will be targeted by Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard units and not necessarily immediately following the American attack. In this context I question the rational of the Netanyahu government to ask AIPAC to lobby members of Congress to support a military strike against Syria Such a move will directly implicate Israel as the supporter of any unilateral US military action and thereby provoking a military backlash from Hezbollah, Iran, or Syria.
  • Syrian civilians will be killed during those strikes and the victims of such ” collateral” damage will be used for propaganda purposes by the Syrian regime to mobilize its supporters.
  • The US airforce will have to engage selective targets in Syria and if a plane will be shot down, or crashes due to mechanical malfunction, the surviving crew will be paraded in front of the media as prisoners and hostages. Remember, that Robert O. Goodman, a former A-6 Intruder Bombardier Navigator, was shot down over Lebanon on December 4, 1983. Captured upon ejection from his stricken plane, he was held captive for 30 days. His release on January 3, 1984, was facilitated by Reverend Jesse Jackson.

MOST IMPORTANTLY the question must be asked why war is the only option to deal with the obvious crime that the Assad regime committed against its own people?

Other options include the formation of an international coalition, including Arab states, to isolate Syria diplomatically, economically and militarily.

President Assad should also  be indicted by the International Court in Den Hague and be tried and convicted in absentia for crimes against humanity.

Its of interest to note that Israel, Sudan and the United State have informed the UN Secretary General that they are not states parties and, as such, have no legal obligations arising from their former representatives’ signature of the Statute. Can’t have it both ways!

Personally, I CANNOT support ANY US military action in Syria and am disappointed that leading Jewish organizations in this country support such action which will do more harm than good.