As of today in one  Palestinian refugee camp more than 2000 Palestinians died from shelling and gunfire. Dozens of people, women and children, starved to death and thousands eat grass, dogs and cats. No, its not located in the occupied territories or Gaza. Otherwise, the world capitals would overflow with protestors denouncing Israels “cruel” treatment of Palestinian  refugees. This may be the reason why nobody cares and even ignores the desperate  plight
of the remaining 20,000  Palestinian refugees living in the Yarmouk refugee camp near the Syrian capitol of Damascus.  The refugee camp is a 2.11 square kilometers (0.81 sq mi) district of the city of Damascus, which was once populated by  160,000 Palestinians. For the last 180 days, the camp has been under a strict siege enforced by Syrian regime forces and other supporting militias. As a result, most refugees have left; however, there are still 20,000 refugees trapped inside, many of whom are now suffering from starvation. Sources inside the camp are reporting that 48 Palestinians, including children and the elderly, have now starved to death as a result of the siege. Television reports have shown refugees collecting grass from the sides of streets and leaves from trees in order to make some kind of meals. On Monday, a refugee appeared on Al-Jazeera swearing that the [refugees] are even eating the meat of cats and dogs in order to survive. On Friday, United Nations human rights head Navi Pillay warned that blocking aid to Yarmuk could be a war crime. “Impeding humanitarian assistance to civilians in desperate need may amount to a war crime,” she said in a statement. “Government forces and affiliated militias appear to be imposing collective punishment on the civilians in Yarmuk,” Pillay added. Subsequently, the Syrian army allowed the onetime delivery of several hundred food packages barely enough to feed the thousands of desperate Palestinians.
Its also important to emphasize that the Syrian regime refuses to accept humanitarian aid offered by Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank.
The siege of Yarmuk is being justified by certain Arab media outlets in Lebanon as ” punishment” for the resistance against Assad’s terror regime.
The silence about this human disaster and tragedy speaks volumes about the media bias towards Israel and the cynical disregard about human rights.
The Palestinian suffering in those camps should be publicized and the international community should demand the immediate end of the siege of the Yarmuk camp.