Yesterdays Miami Herald featured a letter to the editor written by a group of civic minded leaders representing Jews, Christians and Muslims titled ” Miami can be a model of peace,acceptance” denouncing recent attacks on Jewish institutions. I congratulate the authors of this well written letter and hope that this represents the first step in a long process of collaboration and mutual tolerance.
I agree that Miami can serve as an example and incubator for cultural and religious interchange and understanding. The most important component of such a noble endeavor is the courage to speak up when acts of antisemitism, religious intolerance and  racism are being committed. Unfortunately, this courage is lacking and we need to encourage it and teach it to our children. As Roger Cohen so eloquently expressed it in a NYT  Op-Ed today:” their voices [ of conscience]  are lost in the stampede of zealots schooled in hatred and cynics adept in the manipulation of fear for the consolidation of power.”